Saturday, March 25th, 2017DRUM SOLO ALBUM coming out soon

I just finished recording a solo drum set album for swing dancing...for listening too! Stay tuned for the release.

Friday, April 29th, 2016new album!!! FINDING LOVE IN AN OLIGARCHY ON A DYING PLANET released on BJURecords

For Immediate Release:
"Like fellow drummer/leaders Bill Stewart and Jack DeJohnette, Garcia always serves the music, but with that extra inner sparkle and finesse coupled to crackerjack time sensibilities that are constantly delightful."
- Ken Micallef, The New York City Jazz Record
"A major force on the Brooklyn jazz scene . . ." - Ron Netsky, The Rochester City Paper

Featuring the Rob Garcia 4: Rob Garcia (drums & compositions), Noah Preminger (tenor saxophone). Gary Versace (piano), Masa Kamaguchi (bass), with special guests Joe Lovano (tenor saxophone), Kate McGarry (vocals) & Brendan Burke (spoken word)

CD Release Concerts/Celebrations:
Wed, 4/6: Taller de Músicos, Gijon, Spain; Thurs, 4/7 - Bilbaina, Bilboa, Spain; Sat, 4/9 - Sunset, Girona, Spain; Sun, 4/10 - Jamboree, Barcelona, Spain; Fri, 4/15 - Miranda Jazz, Miranda De Ebro, Spain; Sun, 4/17 - Vortex, London; Mon, 4/18 - Ronnie Scott’s, London; Wed, 4/27 - Smalls Jazz Club, NYC; Thurs, 5/12 - Threes Brewing, Brooklyn; Sat, 6/11 - The Rex, Toronto

The Rob Garcia 4 is a working group that has been, "among the vanguard of modern jazz" (The NYC Jazz Record) since 2009. Garcia has led them through performances at major venues and festivals around the world, such as Smalls Jazz Club, The Kitano, The Cornelia Street Cafe, Firehouse 12, Brooklyn Jazz Wide Open, The Rex (Toronto), Jamboree (Barcelona), The Toronto Jazz Festival, The Kingston Jazz Festival (Canada) and the Ottawa International Jazz Festival. The group has released three critically acclaimed albums on Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records, Perennial (2009), The Drop and the Ocean (2011), and The Passion Of Color (2014), and is now poised to release their compelling fourth album, Finding Love In An Oligarchy On A Dying Planet, available on Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records on April 29, 2016, featuring Noah Preminger (tenor saxophone), Gary Versace (piano) and Masa Kamaguchi (bass), and special guests, jazz legend Joe Lovano, vocalist Kate McGarry, and actor, musician and activist Brendan Burke.

“The title of the album is not necessarily meant to be a protest nor a solution, but essentially an expression and blunt statement of what I (and many others) encounter and perceive on a daily basis. 'Finding Love' refers to the personal endeavors which I am extremely fortunate to regularly engage in, such as playing, practicing and writing music, having a family, raising children, spending time with friends, etc. I also read the news and it affects me . . . human suffering throughout the world caused by greed for money and power, racism, the disregard for human life, war, shootings, terrorism and people’s reactions to it, how the planet is becoming less fit for human life (as well as many other species). I donate money to good causes, occasionally go to a rally, sign and promote petitions, but I feel pretty powerless against all the injustices going on. At the very least, this title suggests an acknowledgement, in no uncertain terms, of the society and world we currently live in", said Garcia.

Finding Love In An Oligarchy On A Dying Planet is also an album born from musicians with exceptional convictions. Rob Garcia's drumming and composing are once again fully realized and assured, both in the execution of his distinctive concept, and in his lovely, singular sound, clearly evident on the two solo drum pieces, "Act Local #1" and "Act Local #2", and present throughout the entire album. Noah Preminger is not so quietly becoming a major contributor to the art and legacy of the tenor saxophone. Two highlights for him are the tracks, "Terror, Fear and Media", and "Greenland is Turning Green" (playing on this tune alongside special guest Joe Lovano). Pianist Gary Versace is a first-call musician in many circles, and his playing on Finding Love . . . is nothing short of superlative, with every track a highlight. Bassist Masa Kamaguchi is the bedrock, delivering uber-creative support and interaction, allowing the others to soar. The traditional American folk song “Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier" features his unique approach to the double bass.

More on Finding Love In An Oligarchy On A Dying Planet:
The album opens with Stephen Foster’s American classic, “Beautiful Dreamer" as an ode to the importance of “dreaming of a better world". “People Are Everything" features vocalist Kate McGarry beautifully delivering Garcia’s lyrics and melody. The song addresses inequality, hypocrisy and the suggestion of our oneness. “Terror, Fear and Media" is a high-energy barnburner featuring stop time solos by Preminger and Garcia as well as a killer piano solo by Versace. Tenor sax legend Joe Lovano enters the album with his heart-felt interpretation of Garcia’s ballad “Precious Lives". “Mac N Cheese" offers a departure from the rest of the album by featuring actor, musician and activist Brendan Burke and his original spoken words. “The Journey Is The Destination" features both special guests Lovano and McGarry. Garcia wrote this song 10 years prior, but a recording of it was never previously released. “Greenland Is Turning Green" features both tenor saxophonists Lovano and Preminger with a contrapuntal melody and killer solos. The traditional American folk song “Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier" features bassist Masa Kamaguchi and his unique approach to the instrument. The album takes the listener on a musical journey commenting on the time and world we live in.

Rob Garcia's musical relationships are important to him, and the longevity and camaraderie that he shares with these musicians contribute mightily to the refinement one can hear in the music. Garcia first met Joe Lovano as an undergraduate at NYU as a student in Lovano's ensemble class. In 2007, Garcia formed Connection Works (a Brooklyn-based non-profit organization set up to facilitate jazz concerts and educational events), and Lovano agreed to be part of the advisory board. Lovano has been extremely supportive of the organization by performing in some of the concerts and at a fundraising event. This past summer Lovano also performed with WORKS (the resident ensemble of Connection Works: Michel Gentile, Daniel Kelly and Garcia) at the Lake George Jazz Festival. This musical relationship has been growing over the past several years and naturally led to recording together. Noah Preminger and Garcia have been playing together in the Rob Garcia 4 as well as other projects since 2009 when they first played together in John McNeil’s group. Garcia and Masa Kamaguchi have played on and off since the late 1990s. Preminger, Kamaguchi and Garcia also perform as a collective trio. They have toured Europe a number of times, and released an album on the Fresh Sound label entitled Background Music. Garcia has always been a big fan of Gary Versace’s playing since working together in various projects over the years, and was very happy to reconnect for this recording. Garcia met Kate McGarry a few years ago when she performed with John Hollenbeck’s Large Ensemble at a concert produced by Connection Works. He loves her singing and ability to authentically communicate lyrics. Garcia has been good friends with actor, musician and activist Brendan Burke since high school in Pelham, NY. “I’m so thrilled to have Brendan, one of my oldest and best friends, take part in this project. He nailed it!", said Garcia.

Tracks: 1-Beautiful Dreamer, 2-People Are Everything, 3-Terror, Fear and Media, 4-Precious Life, 5-Mac n Cheese (Bank Fees, Dead Bees, Killing Trees, Shooting Sprees, War Thieves, Mac n Cheese), 6-Act Local #1, 7-Finding Love In An Oligarchy On A Dying Planet, 8-The Journey Is The Destination, 9-Guns Make Killing Easy, 10-Greenland Is Turning Green, 11-Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier, 12-Whatever Gets You By, 13-Act Local #2   

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Sunday, June 22nd, 2014New ROB GARCIA 4 album "The Passion Of Color" on Brooklyn Jazz UNderground Records is now available!!!

Garcia has released four critically acclaimed albums as a bandleader, including Perennial (BJUR 012), voted one of the “10 Best Jazz Albums of 2009" by The New York Observer, and the critically acclaimed The Drop And The Ocean (BJUR 028). His group has performed at venues such as The Ottawa Jazz Festival, Iridium, Kitano, Smalls, The Rex, Cornelia Street Cafe and Firehouse 12. Garcia has also been the recipient of grants from Meet The Composer, DCA and NYSCA to support his performances. Now, on his brilliant fifth album, The Passion of Color, Garcia offers listeners yet another gem from his working group, The Rob Garcia 4 (formed in 2009), featuring Noah Preminger (tenor saxophone), Dan Tepfer (piano) and Joe Martin (bass).

The Passion Of Color features music inspired by impressionist paintings & music (such as Van Gogh and Debussy), and the passion that is evoked from the vast variety of colors and flavors of life found in works such as Lines In Impressions, Purple Brush and the title track. The Garden's Poet was born out of a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago where, "I saw and fell in love with the Van Gogh painting 'The Poet's Garden', explained Garcia. The Painter is a drum solo piece dedicated to Max Roach. Garcia elaborates, "Max has always been a strong influence and a huge inspiration, and I once heard Dizzy Gillespie refer to Max as 'The Painter'". Also on the album is Roach's composition, It's Time. The album concludes with the band's take on the Jimi Hendrix's classic, Little Wing. The music on The Passion of Color is characterized by rhythms that create the illusion of a fluctuating tempo or no tempo, while tightly orchestrated musical events happen in tandem. Strong melodies supported by pastoral harmonies and flowing rhythm lead the listener through the music.

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011New Album, "The Drop and the Ocean" is released on BJU Records!

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009Perennial in "10 Best Jazz Albums of 2009" !!!

Rob's recent release, Perennial (Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records), was named one of "The 10 Best Jazz Albums of 2009" by Devin Leonard in the New York Observer!

The recording features these amazing musicians: Noah Preminger, Dan Tepfer, and Chris Lightcap.

check out the article:

Also, Richard Kamins (of the Hartfort Courant) listed it in his "Favorites of 2009".

Friday, November 27th, 2009CONNECTION WORKS

Check out all the exciting stuff going on with this non-profit organization, Connection Works. Rob is the founder and executive director.

Brooklyn Jazz Wide Open
Sunday afternoon, Dec 13 with Matt Wilson!

Friday, November 27th, 2009Brooklyn Jazz Underground

Along with Adam Kolker and Dave Smith, Rob recently became a member of the Brooklyn Jazz Underground (an association of independent bandleaders with a shared commitment to improvised music. Through cooperative effort, members of the BJU strive to create greater awareness of their work.) Check it!

Monday, November 23rd, 2009NEW CD!!! "Perennial" by the Rob Garcia 4 on Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records

with Noah Preminger, Dan Tepfer, and Chris Lightcap