Perennial in "10 Best Jazz Albums of 2009" !!!

Rob's recent release, Perennial (Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records), was named one of "The 10 Best Jazz Albums of 2009" by Devin Leonard in the New York Observer!

The recording features these amazing musicians: Noah Preminger, Dan Tepfer, and Chris Lightcap.

check out the article:

Also, Richard Kamins...


Check out all the exciting stuff going on with this non-profit organization, Connection Works. Rob is the founder and executive director.

Brooklyn Jazz Wide Open
Sunday afternoon, Dec 13 with Matt Wilson!

Brooklyn Jazz Underground

Along with Adam Kolker and Dave Smith, Rob recently became a member of the Brooklyn Jazz Underground (an association of independent bandleaders with a shared commitment to improvised music. Through cooperative effort, members of the BJU strive to create greater awareness of their work.) Check it!